What We Do

Turnaround, Grow, Re-position

We find, finance, own, manage and re-position for sale commercial businesses and real estate. We acquire strategic commercial businesses and real properties at below market prices with value-add opportunity.  Our commercial properties are advantageously located primarily in small to mid-size markets throughout the United States.  We strategically position our acquisitions for maximum appreciation and profitability by leveraging our vast experience and success to turnaround operations and optimize asset values.

Our philosophy at Palm Beach Atlantic Financial Group is that of a passionate managing director and investor. From the time of acquisition, we passionately drive the direction of the business and assets. We contract with the best property and business management resources …and then WE MANAGE THEM, so that they are accountable to us as we are accountable to our investors. With industry experts managing daily operations, we are free to direct and drive the overall business and investment objective… value, appreciation and profitability.

Palm Beach Atlantic Financial Group adheres to a strict policy of conservative investing, acquiring only businesses and properties that have growth and earnings potential combined with built-in equity. We never over leverage our debt. Our proven strategy protects the asset as well as the investor. 

PBAFG enables investors to take advantage of the returns on commercial businesses and real estate as a passive investor, without the pressures of being an owner operator or landlord, and without the liability of ownership, all without having to come up with the funds typically required to acquire a commercial business or real estate.