Who Are We?

Palm Beach Atlantic Financial Group is a commercial business and real estate acquisition and sales company established in 2007. We partner with accredited and sophisticated investors for mutually beneficial investment opportunities.

Palm Beach Atlantic Financial Group (PBAFG) acquires, develops and operates strategic underdeveloped commercial businesses and real estate projects to maximum profitability and return on investment. Typically, the business and assets are distressed financially and/or the seller or physical property is distressed. In addition, the seller is likely unable to develop the business/project to its full potential, due to a lack of financing and/or expertise necessary to maximize the business. PBAFG has considerable experience and a proven track record of success at identifying, operating, turning-around, and optimizing business assets. Our approach and organizational structure allows us the flexibility to create revenue generating opportunities, while effectively managing costs.

Palm Beach Atlantic Financial Group owns various commercial businesses and real estate assets. Our real estate assets include retail shopping and strip centers, apartment complexes, office buildings, executive suites and a wholesale home buyer franchise. Our commercial businesses include services companies to business owners and management professionals.

Equity investors share in the net profits and net accumulated appreciation of the businesses and owned property. Interest earning opportunities are also available through attractive fixed interest rate convertible debt options, where the investor loans PBAFG funds at a fixed interest rate, with the option of converting to an equity position at the election of the investor/lender.

Established in 2007, PBAFG limits the number of investors in each of our projects. We are a boutique investment firm. Our investors have direct access to us at any time. We are not a REIT; our investors know exactly the specific assets in which their money is invested and have direct access to our owners and operators. We form a separate LLC for each investment project. Our investments are non-recourse investments – investors have no liability for the mortgage or master leases or to add additional funds for any reason.